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The park is located in the classical Karst and is a true open-air museum. Here you can acquaint yourself with distinctive aboveground and subterranean karst phenomena, the most characteristic example of which is unequivocally the Škocjan Caves (Škocjanske jame) system with its unique natural values. The area is renowned for its exceptional archaeological finds, pioneering explorations of the Karst underground, and rich natural and cultural heritage. Your stay in the park can be short or last several days, and can even include a visit to the Reka River basin in all its diversity.

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The tour starts at the reception centre, from where you will be accompanied by guides on foot towards the Globočak Collapse Doline, where the entrance to the Škocjan Caves is located. Through the artificial tunnel you will first step into the Silent Cave (Tiha jama) – a dry fossil tunnel rich in many diverse stalactite formations. You will stroll through the largest hall of the the Silent Cave (Tiha jama) called the Great Hall, where you will admire the Giant (Orjak), one of the largest stalagmites in the cave system.
The trail continues from the Silent Cave (Tiha jama) to the water Murmuring Cave (Šumeča jama), where you will be greeted by the Reka River and pass through one of the largest underground canyons in Europe. The enormous dimensions of the canyon, roaring Reka and crossing the famous Cerkvenik bridge above the river bed leave no visitor indifferent.
After emerging in daylight, you will continue the tour independently along the Big Collapse Doline (Velika dolina), which is one of the largest collapse dolines in Slovenia. Through the Tominc Cave (Tominčeva jama), which is important due to numerous archaeological findings, the path winds under the natural bridge to the Little Collapse Doline (Mala dolina). Across the bridge, whose shape resembles a proteus or the European cave salamander, you will enter the Mahorčič and Marinič Cave, which lie below the village Škocjan, after which the entire cave system got its name. After leaving the cave, you will ascend to the village of Matavun, where you will cross the road and follow the signs to the starting point at the reception centre.
In the event that the above described route of between 2 hrs 30 mins and 3 hrs, of 5 km and approx. 1000 steps is too hard, you can opt for an early exit from the cave system in the Big Collapse Doline (Velika dolina) (which means 3 km of walking and 500-800 steps) after emerging in daylight.
In the months January, February, March, April, October, November and December, the tour of the Škocjan caves ends with the exit from the Big Collapse Doline (Velika dolina) - EXIT 1.
All visitors are requested to follow the instructions of the park staff, take care of their safety and respect and protect nature. In the interior of the cave, taking photos is not allowed.
All visitors are recommended to wear comfortable sports clothing, wear appropriate shoes, have a head cover and a sufficient amount of water, and in case of rain an umbrella, as part of the path passes over the surface.

It is not allowed to vist the Škocjan Caves with pets.  
We wish you a pleasant stay and enjoy discovering the wonders of nature!

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Before arriving at Škocjan Caves, please check the exact schedules on the park's website: www.park-skocjanske-jame.si


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* Please notice, that the Škocjan Caves are closed for visits on January 1st and December 25th.

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Visit of the Škocjan caves




Seniors, students (<26 years)


Visit of the Škocjan caves

Jan., Feb., Mar., Nov., Dec.

16,00 EUR

12,00 EUR

7,50 EUR

May, June, September, 

22,00 EUR

16,00 EUR

10,00 EUR

Jul., Aug.

24,00 EUR

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    April, October18,00 EUR14,00 EUR

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You can also experience the park by walking the circular Education Trail around the Big and Little Collapse Dolines (Velika in mala dolina) and through the villages of Betajna, Škocjan, and Matavun. Guided or unguided tours begin and end at the Visitors Centre. You can learn about karst phenomena, relief forms, and hydrological characteristics, the diverse flora and fauna, and the rich cultural heritage of the area. As part of the Education Trail you can also visit the museum exhibitions in the village of Škocjan.

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Unguided tours are possible all year round and free of charge.

For guided tours only.

Along the Škocjan Education Trail

Adults 6,00 EUR *
Seniors, students (<26 years)  5,00 EUR *
Children  3,50 EUR *

* Organized groups must previously anounce their visit at least 14 days before. (Minimum group size is 12 persons).

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The guided tour begins at the Visitor’s Centre, where you start your journey in full caving gear towards one of the entrances to the Škocjan Caves – the Schmidl Hall. You then follow the flow of the underground Reka River. The route leads you into an underground canyon along the Hanke Channel all the way to Swidov’s viewpoint. This is a partially reconstructed path that was carved into the steep walls by the first cave explorers over 130 years ago.

The tour lasts approximately 3 to 4 hours and the varied footpath covers 2 km and 400 stairs. The visit is not possible for children under 15 years of age.
Before the tour, the guides at the Visitor’s Centre will present you with the basic caving gear and show you how to use it. However, you also need to be in good psychophysical condition. Your tour guide will introduce you to the route and explain the safety instructions that will keep you safe during the tour.

We ask you to wear appropriate clothes (comfortable clothes e.g. a track suit, skiing underwear in the winter or something similar) and to bring rubber boots or high hiking boots. It is recommended that you also bring a torch. If you do not own any boots, we can lend you a pair at the Visitor’s Centre. For the duration of the tour, you will be issued caving overalls, a helmet, a safety belt, a transport bag for water and a rubbish bag. After the visit, we cordially ask you to return all borrowed gear.

In the event of force majeure (e.g. high water levels), the tour will not be realised, even if it was previously confirmed. The tour is only realised when all conditions for the safe execution of the tour are met. The tour is only possible following a reservation that has been confirmed in advance (at least 10 days prior to your visit).

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Hanke Channel
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