Museum Collections and Education Trail

Visiting a museum collection at the Information Centre
  • The exhibition devoted to the history of exploring the Škocjan Caves
    (includes two cross-section models of the underground canyon of the Škocjan Caves and a model of the central area of the Park)

October, November, December, January, February and March: every day from 9.00 till 15.00 h.

Visiting a museum collections in Škocjan

10-minute walk from the Information Centre
Duration: about 30 minutes.

  • Ethnology exhibition in the J'kopin's barn

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  • Museum collections in the Delez Homestead, Škocjan Interpretation Centre
    New museum collections about geology and biodiversity of the Karst area.

"This geological collection of Classical Karst rocks covers a remarkable 80 million years of the Earth’s history ... some rocks include some interesting and important types of natural stone, which are unique to the Karst. The stones contain plenty of fossils, most commonly entire or crushed shells of rudist bivalves, the Foraminifera ("hole bearers"), limestone algae, rare corals, the Hydrozoa and some other fossils."

" Dear visitor! Upon entering the first room representing the Musja jama and the second one dedicated to its surroundings, you might feel a divine power created through several millennia, from the prehistory to the Roman times, by the magnificent contact between the earthly and the subterranean world in the village of Škocjan. It still fills us with enthusiasm, which is why it ranks high among globally remarkable places. The exhibition path ends in the everyday world, in the original rock-carved home of the Roman Period."

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Finds from the Mušja jama near Škocjan. In this 50-metre deep abyss, archaeologists discovered over 600 metal artefacts from the period between the 12th and 8th centuries B.C. The settlements at Škocjan and Gradišče, and especially numerous burial sites and other wealthy archaeological finds, testify to the extraordinary significance of this location in the 1st century B.C. Burnt and broken objects from the abyss, mostly weapons and animal bones, provide evidence that sacrificial rites to gods were performed above the cave in the late Bronze Age. 

You will see the oldest text found in Slovenia. On the upper rim of the bronze vessel, there is an engraved inscription in early Venetian letters .o..s.tiiare.i.

Guided tour of the Škocjan Education Trail for school groups

90 minute, 2 kilometres, sport footwear

We have organized guided tours along the trail for groups. The tour has been specially tailored to school groups, with pupils receiving work sheets by means of which they become acquainted with the Park. The tour last around 90 minutes.
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Tours of Škocjan Education Trail for individual guests

50 minutes, 2 kilometres, sport footwear

Individual guests can walk along this specially designed footpath at any time. The trail takes you around the natural monuments. Velika and Mala dolina and you can learn about numerous interesting features and characteristics of this unique area from the explanatory signs along the way. About two kilometres long, the trail takes around fifty minutes to walk and visit all the museum collections. Museum collections are open only during the high season (June to September) and visitors have to pay an admission fee (one ticket for all three collections).

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Prepared by: Samo Šturm

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