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With the desire to present the diversity of the culinary heritage of our region, promote local dishes, sustainable development and networking by the providers of catering services in this area, and also (as far as possible) contribute to the conservation of agriculture and the landscape, we set ourselves a goal in 2015 to start a campaign »Noble tastes of old Slovenian local dishes« within the Committee for sustainable tourism of this biosphere reserve, including hospitality providers. Our tradition is our identity, comparative advantage and recognizability, whereas integration is our material, spiritual and social power.
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We invited hospitality providers from Divača to Mt. Snežnik to the campaign. We received a response from Rihard Baša from Jasen, Vrbin Homestead from Pared and the Restaurant Mahnič in Škocjan Caves Park. They selected as many as thirty distinctive dishes and drinks for you to try from the list of distinctive dishes of the Karst and Reka River Basin Biosphere Reserve, which was prepared on the basis of a workshop by Janez Bogataj, PhD., and with the professional assistance of Katja Hrobat Virloget, PhD., Darja Kranjc and Irena Iskra Miklavčič. It exclusively includes dishes which were eaten in the area every day or on annual holidays up to the second half of the 20th century. Some are still eaten, while others are slowly disappearing from everyday menus. As the most recognizable, dishes are set out which are included in two out of twenty-four gastronomic regions of Slovenia within the context of the Gastronomy Development Strategy of Slovenia. These are: Karst, and Brkini and Karst Edge. Each dish on the menu is carefully described and positioned in space and time. We wish you a lot of pleasure reading and tasting. Welcome in our distinctive time and space.

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