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Programme of  excursions
Education of young people and tourists during their visit in protected area, is exceedingly important and one of the goals of the Park management. The programme of natural science excursions in the Škocjan Caves Park, the UNESCO world heritage place was launched in 2003 when a circuit trail “Škocjan Education trail” was set up in the heart of the Park. A natural science excursion is similar to field lessons with exercises (work sheets). Natural and cultural heritage interpretation is one of the main objectives of programme. Mostly we have geography or biology excursions (field exercises, nature protection, endangered species, and environmental education).

Since we began with programme, we have been visited on excursions over 280 groups of over 7.300 pupils, mainly from Slovenia. The age of pupils vary between 11yr – 18yr, mostly they are primary schools.

Excursion schedule:
Expert-guided natural science excursions are carried out by Park's employees. In the course of the excursion, participants become acquainted with the extremely diverse natural heritage of the Park and the cultural heritage system in the villages. There are also two museum collections on display. When explaining different things, we rely on work sheets provided to each participant.

Work Sheets Work sheets: GETTING TO KNOW THE PARK by means of work sheets

The interdisciplinary themes of the sheets are presented with rich pictorial material (illustrations, photographs, cartography, sketches). The sheets' content has been designed in such a way that visitors are actively involved and that it can be used as material for subsequent work at home or at school.

Work sheets consist of several parts:

1. the covers, the inner sides of which contain the Škocjan Caves "identity card" with some basic data on the Park and the Škocjan Caves;

2. individual sheets with a main theme (e.g. Karst) and a subtitle (e.g. Karst phenomena) on the top of the sheet.

  knjige 5 tŠkocjan Education Trail Guidebook

The booklet "Škocjan Education Trail Guidebook" is used as a textbook from which themes and exercises on work sheets are drawn. Themes and exercises from the work sheets are presented and explained in greater detail. The booklet is available on the Park's Web site (in .pdf format) or in the souvenir shop.
More on the subject:
Prenesi Natural Science Excursions in the Škocjan Caves Park 
(PDF, 765kB

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