World Environment Day June 5th.

The Alpine Convention is launching the 1st edition of the Climate Hour. On this occasion, the Alpine Convention is inviting all kind of organizations to plan a local event related to the Climate theme. You can find more information here.

ALPARC is elaborating projects regarding climate change. In the context of the Climate Hour, we would like to spotlight some actions.

Our Protected Area is currently leading some steps regarding to this thematic, like:

• Educate the visitors about clima changes which are well seen in the cave (stalagmites and stalactites growth depends on clima and we show very slow ice age growth and the opposite faster growth in wormer clima. In colapse dolinas we also have some remains of flora and fauna from ice age and from mediterranean clima while now we are in submediterranean. The theme is especialy actual for students, schoolchildren and target groups of special interest.

• We take part of a “Protected Areas for Climate” photo-album

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