Dear visitors of the Škocjan Caves Park. We are very glad of your visit to our site with which you show support to our nature-protected area, its national cultural monuments, protection of UNESCO World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve as well as Ramsar Site. With the aim to maintain the integrity and recognized qualities of this area, safety of its inhabitants and their private property as well as safety of our visitors, there are some regulations in the area that we try to apply by guided tours and monitoring work of our staff. 

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This is why in the past month we took notice of increased intentional disappearance of stones from nearby walls in Škocjan village. It is possible that they are been thrown in the Okroglica abyss. The other possibility is that they are stolen to use them in construction works on other locations. However, this leads to destruction of private property, destruction of national settlement cultural monument, potentially endanger nesting birds and nevertheless potentially endanger the safety of our visitors as well. Therefore, we call upon potential eyewitnesses to try to prevent this kind of doings and/or report them to the Park’s stuff. In addition, we call upon visitors and/or locals who are kin on this behavior to stop with it.

Thank you for your understanding.
Škocjan Caves Park Management

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