UNESCO MAB Meeting on the linkage between academic institutions and biosphere reserves

Between October 23rd and 25th, 2019 Škocjan Caves Park, Slovenia hosted a working meeting of UNESCO MAB experts from seven countries and four continents as well as respected researchers, professors and guests from Slovenia entitled “"Linkage between academic institutions and biosphere reserves: application of traditional knowledge and aiming to sustainable coexistence of man and nature in modern times".

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The event was coordinated by our colleague mag. Vanja Debevec in the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the UNESCO Karst and Reka River Basin Biosphere Reserve and the 20th anniversary of Škocjan Caves as Ramsar underground wetland of world importance. As dr. Günter Köch from the Austrian Academy of Science and MAB National Committee already wrote on the Austrian MAB webpage, the meeting discussed means and methods for the intensification of scientific research in biosphere reserves and strengthening the cooperation between biosphere reserves and research institutions.
Beside few interested representatives of Slovene’s research institutions and University of Primorska, experts on biosphere reserves from Ghana, South Korea, USA, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain and Austria attended the meeting and shared their expertise and insights on the subject.
As hosts, we took special care to enable natural and cultural insights of our biosphere reserve and surrounding area for our foreign colleagues. Thus, we hereby give thanks to the Carsiana Botanical Garden, Mrs Marija Švagelj from Štanjel, Lipica Stud Farm, Mrs Milojka Primc and Mrs Sandra Dubrović, Mahne Organic Farm, Partisans hospital Zalesje, our BR’s ambassadors dr. Katja Hrobat Virloget, Rihard and Nadja Baša, Sečovlje Salina Nature Park, Turist farm Pr’Betanci, Homestead Vrbin, Apartments Žnidarčič and Turist farm Benčič.

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