For all lovers of the underground world who wish to descend into the depths of the Škocjan Caves, we are proud to announce that on Friday, 24.01.2020, we are opening a renewed path through the Hanke Channel, where you can experience firsthand how the underground canyon looks like and how the first explorers had carved the paths through the Škocjan Caves.


The tour lasts about 3 to 4 hours, over 2 km of walking, including 400 steps on a dynamic footpath.


Basic description: before each visit, the visitors will be acquainted with the basic caving equipment and its use, all the visitors must be in a good psychophysical condition. The guide who leads the group will introduce the tour and give you directions for a safe visit.  


No. of persons in a group: up to 10.


The tour will be possible only by prior arrangement: #EM#68606c68612b6d666668664b7c7e6421777e643d677c#EM#


Specified tour dates are:


-          15.02.2020,

-          26.02.2020,

-          14.03.2020,

-          25.03.2020,

-          18.04.2020,

-          29.04.2020,

-          16.05.2020,

-          27.05.2020.






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