Monitoring of Unesco World Heritage Sites

At the end of December 2012 the Unesco headquarters approved the project Monitoring of Unesco World Heritage Sites that was submitted by the Park Škocjan Caves Public Agency in collaboration with partners from Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Hungary and Romania. In July 2013 we published the introductory web page that you can visit here . On it you can find lots of interesting information for Unesco sites. The project will be finished this month.  

  The main objective of the project was the establishment of a monitoring programme for the World Heritage Site (WHS) that encompasses all the attributes referring to outstanding universal value and sustainable development and represents an efficient tool for the management of protected areas. UNESCO World Heritage Sites are distinguished by appropriate management where monitoring plays an important role. A monitoring programme is an efficient tool for the protection of natural values and cultural heritage along with quality development programmes that support the protection of outstanding universal values.

Prepared by: Darja Kranjc and mag. Vanja Debevec  

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