Film workshop of the pupils of the Škocjan Caves Network of Schools

Past week, on September 15, we visited the Museum of Slovene Film Actors in Divača and with this finished the workshop of the pupils of our network that was held by visual artist Valerija Zabret.


19 pupils from 4 primary schools attended the workshop. During the first meeting on February 2 the pupils learned about behind-the-scenes making of a film, were given practical briefing on recording and prepared scripts for their films. The second meeting on May 18 was dedicated to editing.


On the link you can take a look on clips of the four short movies with which our pupils present their insight of our BR. This is their first step in the film world.


As the mentor explained to the pupils, film making is important for the memories preservation as well as pointing out the problems in society and nature.


We eagerly await their future film contributions.


Written by: Darja Kranjc
Photos: Darja Kranjc and Vanja Debevec




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