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Skocjan Caves Park, Slovenia


Welcome to the Škocjan Caves Park

Dear visitors! 03.06.2014
Important information!
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Prof. dr. Ivan Gams passed away 13.03.2014
Daniel Rojšek from the Institute of RS for Nature Conservation informed us that the life of the geographer, speleologist and retired professor of the Department for Geography on the Ljubljana Faculty of Arts and regular member of the Slovenian Academy of Science and Art, akad. prof. dr. Ivan Gams, has ended. His most important contribution in the Slovenian nature protection field was his opinion to enlist the Škocjan Cave System on the UNESCO World Heritage list. He played a vital part in the enlistment of the Škocjan Kras on the List and the preparation of the required enlistment material. It is with profound gratitude that we express sincere condolences to his family.
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Monitoring of Unesco World Heritage Sites 11.02.2014
At the end of December 2012 the Unesco headquarters approved the project Monitoring of Unesco World Heritage Sites that was submitted by the Park Škocjan Caves Public Agency in collaboration with partners from Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Hungary and Romania. In July 2013 we published the introductory web page that you can visit here. On it you can find lots of interesting information for Unesco sites. The project will be finished this month.
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The study has been made in the framework of the project Protected Areas for a Living Planet – Dinaric Arc Eco-region Project. The aim of developing and conducting the study on ecosystem services evaluation in the Škocjan Caves Regional Park was to increase the capacity of the protected area management.
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To the park by train 08.06.2012
We inform all that arrive to our park by train that you now can choose the final station Divača (Škocjanske jame) in the browser of Slovenian railways timetables. By choosing this station the bus transport from Divača railway station to Škocjanske jame is already taken into account. On the arrival to Divača a bus to Škocjanske jame will already be waiting for you in front of the station.
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