Visit the Škocjan Caves, a place with only one season

Dear visitors,

We invite you to visit the Škocjan Caves during the winter time, when the air in the cave is even cleaner and more fresh, and a pleasant temperature of 12°C. During this period, the water in the River Reka normally tends to be higher, so the visitor may hear its mighty roar in the canyon from afar.

  We have prepared the following benefits for visitors to the Škocjan Caves between 1 January and 31 March 2015:

1. Family discount: an additional 20% discount per person
(depending on the status of the visitor, besides the discount for children that has already been taken into account. Valid for children aged 6 to 18, accompanied by 1 or 2 adults. Other discounts, which are not mentioned here, are excluded.)

2. Discounts for groups with given notice (various associations, clubs, societies etc.): an additional 30% discount per each person in the group, in addition to the group discount
(For groups with given notice and confirmed reservation, and a minimum of 21 persons. Other discounts, except for the group discount, are excluded.)

3. Discount for seniors: an additional 20% discount to the discount for pensioners
(Valid upon presentation of a proof of the status of a pensioner and for persons aged 65 and above. All discounts, except for the discount for the pensioners, are excluded.)

The above-mentioned discounts are applicable during the validity of the offer (from 1 January to 31 March 2015), and are calculated upon the purchase of a ticket. After the ticket purchase and the end of the offer, these discounts may not be used any more.