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Park Škocjanske jame, Slovenija

Visits of the Škocjan Caves
Become one of the more than 90.000 people who come to see world attraction Škocjan Caves every year. The Škocjan Caves are on the UNESCO’s list of natural and cultural world heritage sites.
Cekvenik bridge in Šumeča jama Cave - outstanding beauty in immensity Cave.

International scientific circles have thus acknowledged the importance of the Caves as one of the natural treasures of planet Earth.
Tour trough the underground canyon in Škocjan Caves crosses the Reka river over the Cerkvenik bridge, some 45 meters above.

Some general information about your visit:
- Caves are open to visitors every day and month of the year.
- Parking near information centre in free (no fee)
- All visits are guided.
- The tour lasts around 1 hour and 30 minutes.
- The tour is approximately three kilometres (3 km) long.
- The trail’s lowest point is 144 metres beneath the surface.
- The cave temperature is around 12 °C.
- Sport footwear and a warm sweater are recommended.

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How about nowadays?
Temperature: 17.5 °C
Temp. in the Cave: 12 °C
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